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Ah, Karma. That cosmic boomerang that you either love or dread, depending on how much of a jerk you've been. But what if I told you Karma is more than just the universe's way of saying "Gotcha!"? What if it's actually your new go-to coffee that makes regular java look like dishwater?

Introducing Karma—because who says you can't drink your life lessons with a splash of almond milk and two sugars? Grown right here on planet Earth (where else, Mars?), these beans are kissed by the sun, moon, and probably your next-door neighbor.

You know how regular coffee gives you a kick? Well, this is a full-on Sparta-style boot to your day's behind. These beans are basically the Spider-Man of coffee. Sure, they started off as the nerdy Peter Parker types, but after a couple sips, you’ll feel like you’ve been bitten by a radioactive espresso machine.

Funny story: some gym bro tried using Karma as a pre-workout, thinking he'd "maximize his gains" or something. Instead, he ended up bench pressing the entire rack—weights, bar, and all. Even threw in some interpretive dance while he was at it. Don't worry, he's fine, but he’s now on a first-name basis with every barista in town.

But hey, Karma isn't just about lifting your spirits (or weight racks); it's about balance. Drink it, and you won't just wake up; you'll elevate. You'll be able to listen to your boss's terrible jokes without flinching, and you might even laugh at a few. But be careful, because this brew is strong enough to make you tell your in-laws what you really think about their "World's Best Cook" apron.

So go ahead. Pour yourself a cup of Karma and drink in the cosmic justice. Just remember: Karma goes great with cream, sugar, or existential dread—it's versatile like that.

Karma: Wake up. Wise up. And for the love of all that's caffeinated, stop microwaving fish in the office break room. Because, you know, Karma.

Origin: Guatemala
Roast: Med Dark
Tasting Notes: Caramel, Brown Sugar, and Chocolate

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