White Privilege

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Wake up and smell the privilege!

Introducing White Privilege Coffee – the brew that's stirring up conversations faster than your morning alarm snooze.

Join us for a side-splitting roast of life's absurdities. As you take that first sip of White Privilege, remember – while you're grinding at work, your hard-earned cash is taking a vacation to places like Ukraine, where apparently they need laundry lessons. But hold onto your mugs, folks, because there's more!

Ever wondered why you never see a "Karen" brewing this blend? That's right, White Privilege Coffee is so exclusive, it comes with its own invisible crown. And hey, did you know that with every purchase, you're contributing to the GDP of D.C.? That's where all those hard-working folks nod off during those "important" meetings, but hey, at least we don't have stock options for them to have insider information on.

And lastly, we promise – drinking White Privilege won't suddenly make you good at dancing. But it might just give you the confidence to try the "dad shuffle" at your next family gathering.

So, grab your privilege by the beans and let's brew up some laughter. Because sometimes, the best way to tackle the tough stuff is with humor and a splash of satire. Order now and let's raise a mug to comedy that's bold, unapologetic, and just a little bit roasted.

Espresso blend:

Hints of toffee and berries.

Origins are Brazil, Peru and Guatemala