Baghdad Sunrise

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Screaming through the night across Baghdad in a UH-60, you see palm trees, swimming pools, and the lighting is beautiful. Then you realize the street below you is Route Irish which is far from the serenity the view from the sky provides. The serenity provided by the higher altitude is crushed by the facts from the dangers at ground level.

This is a serious coffee! The flavors are beautiful and it sets the tone for your day! Is the world prepared for the focused you that is screaming towards success? We highly doubt it!

Put this coffee in your cup and get ready to annihilate your day!!

Please get Devil Pups instead of Baghdad Sunrise! It's the same blend as here, but half the proceeds from our Devil Pups coffee will go to our local San Antonio Devil Pups!!



Blend Notes: cherry, raisin, dark chocolate

Origins: Brazil, Peru, Honduras