Baghdad Sunrise

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Hey, morning warrior, yeah, you—the one with the eyes looking as foggy as a San Francisco dawn. Ever feel like each morning is a desperate negotiation between you and that sneaky alarm clock? Well, it's high time you called in some professional backup: Meet Bagdad Sunrise, the coffee that's practically an elite rescue operation in a cup.

This isn't just some run-of-the-mill breakfast blend that you chug and forget. These beans have undergone a training so exclusive, the location's coordinates are guarded like state secrets. Then they're roasted to a perfection that would make a gourmet chef drop his ladle and applaud. This is the coffee that packs a nuanced palette of flavors—cherry, dark chocolate, and a kick of caffeine so potent, you'll feel like you've tapped into the energy grid of a city.

Picture this: an audacious mercenary finds himself in a tight spot in some unnamed desert—a ticking device, dwindling time, and a complex web of adversaries. Desperate but inspired, he brews a cup of Bagdad Sunrise and bam! Not only does he disarm the menacing device, but he dances through hostile territory, embarrasses the villain, and vanishes into the rising sun, leaving a trail of baffled enemies in his wake.

Now, what sets this coffee apart isn't just its bravado; it's its smooth finish. Imagine sipping something that starts like a blockbuster action sequence and ends like the smooth notes of a jazz saxophonist. That's Bagdad Sunrise for you.

Here's the deal: mornings are the underbosses you have to face before reaching the final level. They're tough, relentless, and seriously unphotogenic. But Bagdad Sunrise? That's your superpower, your secret weapon, your hidden ace.

So, what are you waiting for? Summon your own brand of liquid audacity. With Bagdad Sunrise in your arsenal, you're not just tackling the day; you're making it surrender unconditionally.

Bagdad Sunrise: For mornings that demand more than just a wake-up call—mornings that demand a full-on, cinematic rescue operation.


Blend Notes: cherry, raisin, dark chocolate

Origins: Brazil, Peru, Honduras