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Do you need more caffeine so you won't lose focus having to drudge through another death by PowerPoint? Do you need to stay awake to make sure you can finish your quantum physics thesis? Are you busy planning a small coup in a country and need eyes in the back of your head? Does your job require insane amounts of energy, say enough to power a small city? 

Maybe you just want to see the future, but if you said yes to any of these or have no want (need) to sleep in the near future, then Cluster F#ck is your go to for this mission! The best part is it won't taste like the South bound end of a North bound donkey!

Our Mad Scientist has created a high caffeine blend that tastes great! Only 3 fingers, 1 eye, and half a nostril were harmed or destroyed in the creation of this masterpiece, but we assure you, these items are not part of the blend! We only used damned good coffee!!



RBCC is not responsible for staying awake for weeks, seeing the future, growing eyes in the back of your head, or spontaneous explosion. The user agrees to assume all responsibility of any 'side effects' of Cluster F#ck, no matter how many sets of wings you grow or how many times you run around the planet in a day, by simply purchasing said coffee.