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Christmas means many things to many people. For those of us who don't exactly make the 'nice' list, we generally get visited by someone who isn't exactly 'jolly'.

When one makes the same moves on a single day in the year, it's rather easy to commit some dirty deeds against that person. We decided to run the blackest of ops....and have a little chat with Krampus. 

While we were 'interviewing' Krampus and his support staff, we had no choice but to sample the local fare. The brew they had was exceptional, so we struck a deal. We signed NDAs, but we can tell you we will be getting the nicest glass and match grade ammo at a certain time of year now instead of coal and switches. 

We bring you...Krampus! It's a beautiful brew filled with hate, dirt, worms, dog hair, and cinnamon rolls...minus the hate, dirt, worms, and dog hair.

This won't be around long as we have to return it by the end of the year, so get your booty now before it's all gone! Just like anything nice, it always....who took my grenade launcher!!! Son of a.....

***RBCC promises that no elves, reindeer or jolly fat guys were injured in the procurement of this tasty beverage.***

Tasting notes: Cinnamon Roll