Lake of Death

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Africa is home to a lot of awesome life and stories, but it's also filled with danger and death! Africa holds beauty such as the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River which dwarf the Niagara Falls. Africa also is known for the deadly Black Mamba, the fastest snake known to man who dumps massive amount of venom with every strike and will kill a man in under 20 minutes. If you cruise out to Tanzania, you'll find Lake Natron which is a beautiful red but animals that enter it's waters die quickly and are petrified as if turned to stone. 

There's no better way to stay awake than a coffee from a place where death can be around every corner which makes life there hard....just like this coffee! It's delicious but it will keep you up so you can see death before it arrives.


Notes: Brown Spice, Cocoa Powder and slightly earthy

Source: Tanzania