Monkey Nut

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Hauling ass down some highway or road in some wartorn country, you and the crew are locked on the road and everything around it.

That black BMW is closing in on the trail vehicle and Trunk Monkey is wanting to play.

Team Lead gives the go ahead to the Trunk Monkey......

Trail vehicle's back hatch starts to M240B muzzle appears as the hatch was at this moment the Beamer driver realized....they fucked up!

There's no crazier member of the team than the Trunk Monkey! That gunner has the biggest nuts on the team, but being a bit crazy doesn't mean you don't like yummy shit!

Tasting notes: Banana Nut Bread (artificially flavored)

***No testicles have made contact with this coffee. After consumption, we are not responsible if one's testicles come in contact with someone else's face.***