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You decided to tie one on last night didn't you awaken to the sound of the thump thump look up to see several Hueys hauling ass like a scalded dog!

Were you kidnapped? Maybe. Are you in another country? Possibly. Did you travel back in time? We're not telling you!

Here's the deal. You need something to kick your ass into high gear, because if you don't start double timing with purpose, by the time you hear those Phantoms scream through, it will be too late! 

That's right folks! Napalm is here to give you purpose! You need to wake the fuck up and not seem three sheets to the wind? Napalm will fix that! Can't afford blow anymore since gas prices are higher than Hunter Biden? Napalm is cheaper and will absolutely keep you awake for days! Maybe you ate all the cheese from those platters at your friend's wedding reception and you're clogged up with more shit than AOC spits in a year? Napalm will have you melting the throne!!

Folks, this isn't a blend! The caffeine levels in this coffee has the CDC shitting their pants! This is not for the faint of heart!!

***Raging Beard Coffee Company is not responsible for any medical emergencies or medical problems that occur from the consumption of this coffee!***