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We swore we would never do this....but women can be powerful motivators. We'll add more coffees once the goose eggs on our head reduce in swelling and we can once again see out of both eyes....those damned cast iron skillets are rough!'s pumpkin spice.....but it won't be here forever!!!

***Raging Beard Coffee Company take NO RESPONSIBILITY for the purchase of ugly ass boots....that's why they're called uggs. We're also not responsible for higher cell phone use and valley girl speak nor can we translate it for you. Lastly, if men are found consuming this in public, you will be extracted by our crew and swiftly taken to a 're-education' center so as to not lose your man card. We are low on manpower, so be careful men, we can't save you all!***


Tasting notes: Seriously?? You want tasting notes? It's pumpkin spice...what did you think it would be? It damned sure isn't honey or BBQ sauce.